Divorce Services

Contemplating divorce is hard enough,

You do not need the added stress of:

•having to deal with high bills from an attorney  representation;
•having your personal/sensitive information all over the internet

Our service is fast, affordable, and efficient:
•You fill out our simplified  questionnaires

•We prepare your documents
•You sign the completed documents
•We file your documents at the court

We charge a flat fee for our service
filing/court fee is not included

We are here to help you get through this difficult times, save some money in the process and ease your mind.

A few testimonials from our customers:

"Actually made Divorce Painless!
This place was absolutely fantastic. I was helped by a very nice woman named Lilian who assisted me in filing for divorce. Her efficiency and accommodating manner made the process very quick and painless. It was affordable, organized and efficient making what could have been a very painful process, a fast and stress-free one." ~ Violet

"I was going through the miserable experience of divorce, and wanted someone to guide me through the process and paperwork. Lilian managed me and my paperwork with sincerity, efficiency, and professionalism. She has earned my future business (I hope not for the same thing) and referral." ~Jack P.

"Friendly Service When it came to my divorce, all questions were answered and all the paperwork was resolved right   away. It saved me time since I didn't have a lot of it since I'm busy at work. They have great customer service and I recommend them if you want a hassle-free document preparation." ~ Gabriel

"Lilian was extremely helpful and professional. She helped me all the way through the process and was on top of things to make sure everything was taken care of. She saved me a ton of time and effort with the divorce filing process!" ~ Doug

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