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Century Documents Testimonials


Few notes from our customers about Century Documents:

"Lillian, who owns and runs this business, was very helpful to me. She has a lot of knowledge, is very efficient, and is a very nice person. Over the past few years, she helped me with a will, a living trust, and a divorce. I would highly recommend this business." ~ Boaz

"Great Place For Name Change Lilian helped me with my name change. She took care of all the paperwork. When I had some specific questions she took the time to explain everything to me. She even called the court to obtain more specific information. This is a great place and a very good value. By the way, when we went to court everything worked just like she told me."
~ Ben

"I found out Century Document while I want set up LLC for my company. Lilian was excellent in this field, she explain all procedure, time, and cost. The service was great, my LLC was file in less than 30 days.. Wow...that was quick. Great thing about Century Documents was cost less than lawyer charge and not worry about how many hour talk to the lawyer. I would recommend to every body to see Lilian at Century Documents."
~ Chris

"The BEST!!!
This place has now helped me with a number of things and will continue for as long as I live!! They helped me with my Articles of incorporation, my name change when I got married, many notary visits and just recently my living will!.I literally only go to them because they are so great to deal with. They are SUPER accommodating and so on top of it, it's awesome. I am 25 years old and efficiency is a major factor in where I go and what I do. I cannot STAND to wait around and watch someone be slow and waste my time. Enter Century Documents. They are SO fast, everything they do is well priced and they are just beyond helpful. They have done so many things for me on short notice and they get it done ASAP. Simply put? Simply amazing. I actually look forward to my visits."~ Isabella

"I came here to get a document notarized after reading the reviews on Yelp. Lilian was exactly as the reviews described, very friendly and courteous. The whole process was fast and easy. I would definitely come here again if the need arises." ~JY

"I needed a one-page document notarized and found this place on Yelp. I received great service, it literally took 5 minutes, Lilian provides *fantastic* friendly service with a smile, and it only cost $10! The document itself was in poor condition (from the sender) so she attached a additional notarized certificate of acknowledgment (free of charge) to ensure there were no issues. Definitely appreciate going the extra mile!."
~ Ryan M.

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